A little bit of rain never hurt anyone

Said no one who just had their hair done. I have just had my hair straightened by my daughter for the evening and discovered tomorrow its likely to rain. Now, what's the point in that. I have the wildest hair in RL and yet its straightens like silk quite fast. Put a drop of water [...]


Someone had nothing to say in my you tube other than "ummm ummmm lol " and I couldn't work out the reason for that. Till her next comment in another video she would stop watching my videos because I say umm a lot. Should I be bothered? No I don't think so. I speak as [...]

What a beautiful day

Well it is in my pretend place. However the reality as I sit here on this bus, is that man it's cold!! Back to work today as Mason will be going  home with his mom, dad and grandad later today once the surgeon gives the all clear. How amazing is that! I say it all [...]

Love struck

I'm keeping myself busy as waiting for Mason to come out of his  wee surgery. He went in late by a few hours and as yet he is still in the theatre room. So I'm having a moment and me , myself and I decided to blog together. Don't worry it will be clearer in [...]