Time to celebrate

Its upon us this week. The Second Life 18 Birthday!

Can you believe it, 18 years old. I almost want to give them the keys to their new car. Only I have no keys and I’m sure they have a car.

I’m excited for Second Life but also a little melancholic if that’s the correct term as this year we will be celebrating this occasion without our CEO Ebbe Altberg. The man who certainly had the people of Second Life close to his heart and looked for ways to make the virtual world we reside in so much better.

None the less we will celebrate it as the grand event that it is because where we are today is a culmination of great tech and amazing people behind the scenes and also residents who have given so much to the machinations of the economy that drives Second Life.

Now enough of that set of ramblings from my mind.

Second Life Celebrations begin this week on June 17 at 9 am till July 6.

The Second Life Birthday Group will get early access to SL18B Shop & Hop on June 16th from 9am PT onwards.

The theme for our Birthday is Hidden Worlds. I cannot wait to see this as there is no early access on this , so in the dark I am right now just like you guys. Most exciting.

The SL18B Music Fest will run from June 17th to June 19th

Links that you will need on the opening day :-

The Destination guide here

The Birthday calendar here

The birthday shopping event regions here

The Community experiences to explore here

The Flickr group for images shot on location here

The shop and hop vendors flickr here

SL18B Shop & Hop Blog Post with complete list of all Merchants with direct SLurls here

Remember when adding your photos and videos to use the hashtag #SL18B for your posts so the Lindens can see them.

The outfit Im wearing al free. The dress is from Aphorism . the earrings from Kunglers and the hair from Mina. The backdrop is Tropix. FREE at the SL18 Shop n Hop


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