Really Linden Lab **UPDATED**

Linden lab have subsequently apologised if you click below you can read the apology.“un-cease-desist”/

So on my way to work today I see the blog post by Strawberry Singh highlighting what has happened to her regarding a video she had made promoting the virtual world of Second Life and how to join. Basically you can read the blog post here and read for yourself what happened.
Of course Linden Lab have a right to their content and to expect our abiding by TOS rules invoked in our memberships. But as members we all have the right to expect good open transparent dialogue to resolve any situation that comes up.
I’m a huuuuuge Strawberry Singh fan and absolutely think this lady has done so much to show the world that this virtual world has many good positive aspects to it by the way she conducts herself on the internet promoting it.
Therefore I’m rather shocked to see that in the past 48 hours Strawberry has been treated in a manner that was not how good relations are forged. Customer service is key to any business and so I wanted to address this because I’m a follower and because I too use second-life for blogging and on a regular basis am promoting their content as are a lot of bloggers and vloggers.


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3 thoughts on “Really Linden Lab **UPDATED**

  1. I haven seen this much indignation among SL users since LL put the hand logo on the moon. BTW if you took a snapshot that included the moon would that be copyright infringement or just sh*ty taste.


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