The Chameleon

A person who changes their opinions or behaviour according to the situation.

I’ve known a few people who fit this title.

Is it a positive or a negative?

Well if you take away the negative, the ability to adapt to any situation is truly a positive especially when we are meaning in RL terms.

Most people can adapt to a certain degree but the chameleon character goes one step further and owns that situation. Lives it and becomes a professional with it.
The chameleon in SL, the one who disguises themselves is another kettle of lizards fish. The one with someone at every log in.

They deceive and disguise. Deception at its finest.

Let’s not tolerate them.

Video :-

Credits :-

I  swear dress from Entice at the On9

Metal make up from A R T E available at The Garage Faire

Princess inside pose from Luanes World  at The Enchantment Event

Ambrosia hair from D!va

Catya bento head CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Shot on location at Whimberley



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