The child in me

That child has had many a boo in the last 12 hours.

Seems like the universe is currently aligned to seriously hand me out some not so nice feelings.

Ive had in the last 22 months someone commit suicide that I was supporting as her union rep. Then in April this year I find out that one of the HR people involved had basically hacked my work emails and private drive in order to find information on that case. I reported it to the ICO and filed a grievance against the organisation. The ICO have found in favour of me . Case still ongoing.

Then I get my SL messed up and that’s another ongoing issue. But hey I’ll suck it up as Ive learnt I’m not alone in that kind of treatment.

Then the union I represent go and breach my data. Their admin person accidentally copies my case file and posts it to the home addresses of 5 other union reps 3 weeks ago! Seriously.

Then, last night my entire D drive documents folder empties. All of my video footage, photos, employment law course work and my music.

I’ve located them now but it’s going to take days to reorganise everything back. But I’ve also just discovered that the music I was working on, that has disappeared too.

You know that saying, “Persistance breaks resistance”? I hope its true because like a 4 year old, I wish to throw my toys right now and bang my hands on the floor .

So the photos I was working in last night for today’s blog, I need to search in that jumble I have located.

I have to give kudos to the company software that has helped as otherwise seriously I couldn’t get them back as they were deleted, deleted.


Credits : –

DiskDigger For the software to recover without me having to pay some computer person far more money for this. 

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