Thelma suggests fashion

Thelma is vlogging in the snow. There's an outfit and a tent. Will she freeze out there? Video:- Credits:- Agnes sweater from [Rouly] at the Equal10 Event Kayce track pants from Frais at the Equal10 Event Regan sneakers from EQUAL at the Equal10 Event Canopy tent a 2018 holiday gift edition  from Raindale Sira [...]

The Good News

The Good News

Its that moment again with Thelma Video:- Credits:- Naya pumps from EQUAL at the .equal10 Event Vibes skirt and top set from Gaia at the .equal10 Event La Ofrenda table set from Crate now at the .equal10 Event Cultural hat and earrings from WAD Designs Borealis eyes from A R T E Emily nails from [...]

That quiet moment

I am having a quiet moment before the mad rush of the little one when he lands on my doorstep at 9.45am. It's been a rough week and my tiredness is off the scale at the moment. Drugs. Honestly I question the benefits given the side effects. I have definitely had some of those. Still [...]

Spank me James

Harriet has James over for the afternoon to show off her new conservatory furniture. She is excited because the chairs can animate. James doesn't have much to say, but then he never does. Video:- Credits:- Satin chain cargo pants and top from Rebel Gal at the .equal10 Event Leli hair from Opale at the [...]