Susan’s Diary In Sansar

Susan’s Diary In Sansar

It’s almost midnight when your car breaks down in an isolated area.
Your phone has no signal and the only place you can see to look for help, is a small house on the hill with its lights on.
It looks safe and tranquil, but what is it really hiding?

Now if you have every followed my Sansar Travels I totally raved about Sergio Delacruz and his amazing experience Orphanage of Angels.

Sergio is amazing at creating immersive environments that even as a desktop user you can find yourself totally drawn in.

Susan’s Diary is a recreation of a similar experience Sergio did in Second Life. BUT the big BUT.

This is totally amazing. Out of this world.

Come with me and I will give you some snippets, only snippets mind you, because I don’t want to spoil the fun.

The experience will keep you gripped and trying to work out the clues, but that is the fun of this whole experience.



April Style outfit from NorthernKiara

Braided pigtails from Cora Store

Alina Avatar from Cora Store

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