The Sun goes down

I am back to a Saturday night dance video.  Got to love a good outfit and a good dance. When combined, then bring in the horse and you have the sun goes down. Enjoy..... Video:- Credits :- Hailey outfit from La Geeny now at the Hashtag Event What I hide pose from Luanes World [...]

Oooops back to work with a troll on my back!

Oooops back to work with a troll on my back!

Damnations!I'm back on the dreaded bus going to work.Life as we know it, returns back to normal.I was just getting used to my lazy lifestyle the past two weeks and now boom!Apparently it's what we must do if we want money. Totally ridiculous I know.I'm envisaging around 600 emails and a pile of post that [...]


Just like in SL in his video , I am horizontal. Seriously I feel like a brick at the moment as don't want to get up. The idiot in my building on the ground floor decided from 1 am to have a party early this morning. Now I'm all for having a great house party, [...]

Let’s get Dirty

  We just wanted to get Dirty.....           Credits:- Urban Pants (Dirty Brown) by Meva  can be found at Shiny Shabby Event "Minea" hair by MINA can be found at Shiny Shabby Event "Roses and white spiked bustier" available from Hilly Haalan "Destiny" head from CATWA "Lara" mesh body from Maitreya [...]

A linden lab update on Isabelle Cheren

A little update as a few have asked me... Yes I put my face to it...Early morning rant so ignore the quality from an iphone.

Because I can

Got to love apps on your iphone. Took a few latest photos and videos and mashed them up together on the old iphone. Isn't technology amazing!? Credits:- Of course me first "Pretty Lady" by IsaB Magisto phone app Secondlife Clothes, looks, skins in my other blog pages. Remember I'm doing this's not a phone app. [...]

Take Heart – Let me relax

The video says it all. What a beautiful sim is Take Heart......Great opportunity to show off the Elena dance as well in such a perfect relaxed setting.         Facebook page is here to keep up with the opening Take Heart         Credits:- "Destiny" mesh head by CATWA [...]

I am woman

See me purr. One of the great things about being a woman is our ability to wear our mood in what we wear. Right now as I write this, mine is not so great and I have chocolate and pj's. Wearing clothing to reflect how we feel is almost a right of passage as a [...]

Live reckless

I've never been one to live recklessly. I think the most reckless act I have ever done was staying out later than I was supposed to when I should have been home in bed. I'm not sure if that makes me boring, predictable or just sensible? I cant say that any of the boring or [...]