Orphanage of Angels

Orphanage of Angels

Today  I’m showing you Sansar. I actually have a few pre filmed already and because I have a son to look after Harriet has taken a back seat today. She will be back next week.

Now back to Sansar.

I visited this place ages ago and thought, “whats all the fuss”.

That is because I hadn’t actually worked out I could go through the light. You will see what I mean in the video. How daft am I?

Seriously what an experience. Heres a little taste……



San star sneakers which are free from sean taurog

MamaMia jeans from NorthernKiara

MamaMia halter top from NorthernKiara

Sandra long curly hair from Cora Store

Blue eyes from Cora Store

Monkey for female from Somewhere on the Sansar MP. However I cant find the link because I got this a year ago. Happy seeking.

To visit the Orphanage of Angels just click here

To download Sansar client click here

To add me in Sansar and say hi sometime click here

How to edit and update Sansar Profile

How to edit and update Sansar Profile

Just a quick overview video of Sansar as now you have profiles and can update them!

Every week something new is being introduced to Sansar and every week I’m pleased as punch I joined and get to see it.

Again it’s not Second Life. It wasn’t designed to be Second Life.

I do believe if you log in with that mindset (it’s not Second Life) that you can truly appreciate its newness and evolving development.

I usually visit twice a week (because I blog regularly for Second Life and also I have to make time for real life).

I have two experiences that are open to public. Both getting little bits added each time I log.

The beauty about doing experiences is that anyone that visits them will see the tidy look. Meanwhile in the background as experience owners there is chaos as things are being thrown around, trees uprooted and deciding where bits go. This stays as like a mirror in the background till it’s ready to publish.

Mine in essence looks like a trash heap in my editing but when you visit you won’t see that.

Some time soon the updated experience will publish. When I get it right.

Meanwhile you can now make profiles. Why don’t you go claim yours.

Video :-



Just the dance

Just the dance

I dreamt I was dancing and then I woke up.

Last night was a pretty full on experience for me as I went Atlas hopping in Sansar and whilst doing so my internet crashed a few times. But none the less I thoroughly enjoyed it and met some fun people along the way.

Seems there is an issue locally with my internet and although unlike Friday where I lost complete access, it’s currently intermittent.

But I still managed streaming and a video.

I’ve popped one of the streams ( ended up with two because of crashing) under the dance video.


Featuring the Jana and Taynara bento dances from MOVE! Animations Cologne

Sansar stream :-

Stream in Sansar

Stream in Sansar

I had a go at live streaming in Sansar earlier and realised that despite my stage fright I still talk to myself ha ha

I’m thinking as I move into my older years I’m going to fit in quite well at the old ages home.

I’ve decided to try and get more brave with the whole live stream thing but seriously technical difficulties meant I must have sent out via YouTube 5 subscriber alerts . Egads!

I think my only difficulty is when speaking is that I’m conscious of any poor person suddenly landing and thinking OMG a crazy lady over there talking to herself!

We will see.



Shot on location at The Beach a experience created by C3rb3rus

I can rave in Sansar

I can rave in Sansar

I can rave in Sansar. Well kind of. But its certainly a start. I visited this sim called The beach and what can I say. Its lovely for pretends Ville.

Practiced my slick dance moves of one animation and came up with a dance video. Of sorts anyhow.

As time moves on I can see that this world is going to get better and better. The graphics are amazing I keep saying. Once the avatars are more customizable in look Then this seriously will be a cool place to visit more often.



Soft leggings from Cora

Blue eyes from Cora

Face mask (experimental like a skin) from Cora . This is very pretty though you as yet cannot use the voice function on this as then it distorts a bit like wearing a mesh head without an alpha. But very cool for the look and pictures.

Kelsey hair from Cora. This is tintable but I left it as silvery grey as I kind of am rocking that look currently in the real world.

Green tshirt and cardigan and shoes are freebies on the Sansar Market place.

The dance is a matter of typing in public chat /dance.

Shot on location at The Beach a experience created by C3rb3rus