I’m on a mission to get as many blogs completed before I am away. So much I love and no idea which to do first.

Logically do the time sensitive ones Liz!

But then at the best of times I’m not logical.

Last night I let my hair down for a change and went to two evenings of dancing. I know crazy right? Socialising!

First one was the 2 year anniversary of Hydra. It was everyone in white. Second it was a wear purple event.

I came up with a cunning plan to save lindens. Shhh don’t tell anyone but I dyed my white jumpsuit purple!

Then came midnight and my coach turned into a pumpkin.
Video :-

Credits :-

Mr Robot dress from Entice available at the Genre -Underworld Event

Come sail away sandals at Entice

Nothing else matters pose from Luanes World

Misaki hair from Argrace

Catya bento head CATWA

Angel shape  for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Christy Dark skin Lara Hurley

Shot on location at Salt Water



Because real life happens

I can’t sleep!!! 

So I’m laying in bed listening to music. Most don’t know I have a SoundCloud account and have messed with edm music a few years. Seriously not even my RL friends knows apart from a few.

I guess inside all of us is that other person wanting to keep out.

I love music and love visual things. Hence I faff around with videos etc.

Anyhow I’m going to share that side of my life more because heck why not.

I can’t sing, but I do a mean voice vocal.

1 hundred days of spring?

I just finished my sim , well kind of. Then I want more prims! ha ha

Seriously are we ever happy with our lot?

I know I never am, always wanting to change things and shivv it up a little. The sim is done and I’m not touching another inch of it in fear I may move something and create a major disaster. So Namaste beach is now done.

Now on my face book feed I see this sky box and now I’m in love with that. So I need more land just to put this sky box in and live in it. Because, because, I really have to!!!

My word, its too addictive some days, too addictive I tell you! Though actually I will get myself a wee plot of linden land and pop the sky box in there seeing as it is in the sky, I don’t care about what is on the ground. And, the good thing is, no rent to pay when you have a premium account.

I digress I know. Now this outfit I’m showing you in this video. So love it!! I sneakily premiered it in another video To love you but down below check out the beautiful colours.


Video :-

Credits :-

Spring Romper by 1 Hundred now at the Designer Showcase

Columbine sandals from Glamistry

Avery hair from the VIP Truth group

I’m wearing the Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya bento head LizBitz

Christy dark skin from Lara Hurley

Shot on location at Namaste Beach

Leni dance by MOVE! Animations Cologne


Nice and demure

I went to see the second of the Fifty shades films last night. Fifty shades darker.

Apparently I have to wait another year for the next one.

I’m guessing by the time I’ve seen all the books set to film, I’ll have retired and be placed in an old age home. The love balls will need a jet spray to moisten them and it will be a double handed hoist to flip me over like that!!!

Credits :-

Alice dress from W:6 Minestore available now at the Hash in wonderland

Nao hair from Argrace

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya bento head LizBitz

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Christy dark skin from Lara Hurley

Shot on location at Jacks


Never not getting in!

I visited Winter Trace again last night simply because I love that sim, it’s done so beautifully.

I was standing on the edge of the little jetty and someone shouted “Don’t do it”, hence my idea for this photo. Did make me chuckle and I do love how people start conversations at times.

I of course didn’t do it. It was way to cold.

Credits :-

Adored sweater, skirts and socks pumps from 1 Hundred available right now at Designer showcase

No Cut hair from No.match

Catya Bento head and Animated eyes from CATWA

Angel face and body shape for catya bento head from LizBitz

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Christy dark skin from Lara Hurley



Photo taken on location at Winter Trace

Happy birthday me

I decided it’s about the dance today. I’ve literally just woken up in RL and it’s after 10 am!!!!  Shocker.

I have nothing planned apart from family and relaxation. To me that’s what it’s all about.

Oh and I might practice these dances in RL. 

And if you think I’m doing a RL you tube video of me doing them? It will take a bottle of tequila I’m telling you!

Video :-

Credits :-

Vava dance from MOVE! Animations Cologne  The Dances cost  250L$ each. They give 20% ON TOP on each Dance Pack (10 Dances) ■■ (1999L$).■■


Lately my SL has become truly great for many reasons which a few months ago I never thought was possible. Special people and enjoying creativity has really sparked me. Frankly THAT is what SL is all about. I’m a little more cautious about people and their intentions because of what happened, but I think everyone should be a little cautious. Just as in RL, there are people in SL whose intentions are not honourable.

I have some good old friends I really value and a few new ones I have met along my journey. All very special people and pleased to know them in both worlds.

I’ve started really enjoying playing with the bento shapes and creating different shapes.

At the moment I’m working on the Catya by CATWA and Simone by LeLutka.

I’ve decided I’m a bit visual OCD because I keep seeing something slightly different to tweak in each shape and then make a new shape. I enjoy sharing them through the marketplace and it actually does make me smile when people message me about how pleased they are with the look.



Caramel shape for the Catya CATWA bento head from LizBitz

Tassles Kini is form the June Luxe Box

Bucket hat from Argrace

Maddie skin in toffee from [theSkinnery]

Pro bento hands from Vista Animations

Birdy pose from Gingerfish


Location…a beach