An Indian Summer

Anyone living South East UK right now know what I’m meaning by the term Indian Summer.

We are sizzling this week and would usually by now be wearing jackets and preparing our winter wardrobes. In fact they reckon it’s the hottest September days for the last 100 years here. Now I’m not sure if that’s true or not because umm I haven’t lived 100 hundred years. But what the heck I’ll take the tabloids word for it this time.

Can’t say that I can even contemplate wool and tweed right now as I sit here in this bus perspiring like a sumo wrestler wrapped in cling film sitting in a sauna!

With all this moisture loss one would expect to have lost a few pounds and become svelte this past week. I’m disappointed to note this is not the case and I’m just the same as I was last Thursday. Dog dang it!

Alien Gizmo’s little summer Paige dress is what my real life needs right now. But still my virtual gal remains cool and enjoying the summer lazy days on the beach.








Credits :-

“Paige” dress in tartan by Alien Gizmo’s

Hair is “Mena” a free gift from MINA

“Trinity” mesh head and “Nellie” skin from Laq Avatars

“Lara” mesh body from Maitreya

Sell yourself

One well worn but loved avatar for sale. Comes reclining on a battered sofa and looks good in any living room.

I am kidding of course. 

I visited Junk last night for a bit of a wander as I hasn’t been there in ages.

I used to visit for the windlight. But last night I decided to check out the furnishings and see what’s for sale. 

I love the fact everything has price tags hanging off. That actually made me chuckle and smile. So, I popped myself on this battered sofa to see if anyone would purchase me. 

Nothing, nada, absolutely not.

Oh well, instead I’ll stick to shopping.
Wearing my new little outfit from Le Fashion Whore. It’s actually quite a nifty one as both jeans and top are hud driven so you can change your look quite easily.

Something I love especially on a shoestring budget. 

My heels are from ArisAris/B&W and dress my outfit up if I want a look from day to night. Flick on the lippy and I’m a pretty hot date, if I must say so myself. 







Top “Jenny” with hud available at Le Fashion Whore

Jeans “Katy” with hud available at Le Fashion Whore

“Lara” mesh body by Maitreya

“Trinity” mesh head and “Nellie” skin applier from  Laq Avatars

Hair is a free one  called from “Mena” from MINA

Shoes are “AryArt” stiletto’s  by ArisAris/B&W   available currently at the  ON9 Event

I’m allergic

I feel like I’ve partied all night, drank too many vodkas and danced like I’ve never danced before.

Oh hang on, it’s Monday morning.

I’m sure this is how I look right now. Dressed to the big  impress but the body says otherwise as I sit here on my bus ride to work.

Seriously the body says otherwise. I tripped out of my bed half asleep, showered and troweled on the makeup, flicked the hair and out the door I came. 

I literally take half hour to get ready in the mornings. Some say unusual for a woman. I say smart, more time in bed!

I do wish wild partying was the reason I feel so lethargic today  but I’m afraid to say I’m simply allergic to work. On Monday mornings anyhow.

I admit it. The idea of being glammed up and dancing the night away really compels me more.

If I was in this dress , well you would find me just like this next to the dumpster the following morning after a wild night of dancing.










ArisAris/B&W  “Asymmetric” dress available at the  ON9 Event

ArisAris/B&W “ArtArt” Stiletto’s available at the ON9 Event

Both the dress and stiletto’s are hud driven with lots of mood colour choices.

“Lara” mesh body Maitreya

“Trinity” mesh head and “Nellie” skin available at LAQ Avatars

Hair “Isabell” free group gift  from :::Phoenix:::

Choker is a free gift from ::Suicide DollZ::




Fly me to the moon

How I wish a few balloons is all it required.

I’ve just got home from a wonderful day in the real world. Belated Birthday present from my two good friends, lunch out and Dirty Dancing at the theatre. Absolutely feel on cloud 9 right now.

Best bit is when Johnny gets out of bed with Baby and he flashes his rather pert buttocks. Lets just say that was a real golden moment many wont forget in a hurry.

So just like this pixelated moi, I’m floating on cloud nine.

Alien Gizmo’s produced a great dress in the “Saige”. I love it.

I couldn’t possibly look any more like it was made for me if I tried.











“Saige” dress Alien Gizmo’s  available in fat pack or single versions

Hair “Raphael” by Sintiklia

Head “Trinity” and skin “Nellie” by Laq Avatars

“Lara” mesh body Maitreya

I hate mornings

But today’s one I love!

It’s Friday . I am sat here on the bus and there is a little quick in my step and my surly mouth has a little upward tilt. A semblance of a smile. Quite resembling my avatar come to think about it.

I actually love Fridays so much. Give me Friday everyday and I would be a happy piglet rolling about in the mud.

Now give me 4.30pm Fridays and I’d have a constant diamond smile.

This cute outfit from Le Fashion Whore actually reflects me quite well. I like the fact it’s hud  driven so I can adjust my mood in the day. Believe me those moods alter like a roller coaster at times.

Happy Friday.

I threw in a dancey video as I’m a MOVE! Addict and living my Elena dance pack.

I forgot to grab the surl for the backdrop so will add that when I land at my computer later.






Credits :-

Top is “Serena” and its a fat pack hud available from Le Fashion Whore

Skirt is “Venus” from Le Fashion Whore this too is a fat pack hud driven skirt

Shoes are “Gwen” from Alien Gizmo’s

Head is “Trinity”  and skin is “Nellie” 2.5 tone from Laq Avatars

“Lara” mesh body is Maitreya

Hair is a free gift called “Jayla” from Truth




Nothing really says it like a video. I love these dances. Can I just say, love them.Isn’t that what summer is about?

I’m so pleased to be chosen to blog for  MOVE! Animations Cologne  as being the number one fan of dance and dance music, this is my perfect happiness. Seriously anyone who knows my history in SL will know I love to make a dance video and just love to dance.

MOVE! have just crashed onto the dance scene as a new very upcoming dance brand and seriously being a big dance fan, they are definitely going to break some records and as for me, I am going to be dancing all night long.

These are real life dancers and DJ’S who come together to make these amazing animations for us to enjoy. I’m pretty excited about this because I’m now part of it and frankly you will see me dancing EVERYWHERE you find me now.

Hey and I know, everyone is certainly going to want to dance with me. I think so, don’t you. ♥

I’m showing you Elena and in this video you will see Elena 13, 14 and 15. Don’t worry I have the entire range and will be showing them all to you as the days move on. This is a sneak preview, but of course I will be producing something with  my own music and these dances are just perfect. Consider this a step into the Elena Box.













Le Fashion Whore

Who me???

I admit, I am one. I think most women’s wardrobes are absolutely full to the brim because we need an outfit for every occasion. Right?

Every occasion in my wardrobe has at least 4 choices as of course I consider the seasons of weather. That’s my excuse and I will hold fast to that.

Yesterday wasn’t such a great day. I was told about something about to happen which frankly for me lately, was more stress I could have done without. Work thing and as you know I’m a union activist and Employment Law student. So of course I get to know the bad stuff but am not able to share it. So I’m telling you, but not sharing it. Ha ha 

Instead let me share this dress which comes with a hud and so you can really wear it how you want. I love  dresses like this which are versatile but simple to wear.




Credits :-

The dress is called “Snooky” and its by Le Fashion Whore

My head is “Trinity” and the skin is “Nellie” shade 2.5 by Laq Avatars

The “Lara” mesh body is from Maitreya

My hair is a freebee  called “Sakura” from *Argrace*

Finding seagulls and pelicans

 Actually I find a lot more than  seagulls on  my doorstep.

I came home last night to a gang of geese. Yes a gang! They were mean dudes, hissing and raising their feathers at me. I live on lakes which is beautiful in itself and every day you hear and see the ducks and geese.

But, every now and then (actually a lot) they leave the water and venture into the estate part, wandering through people’s gardens.

On the whole that’s pretty wonderful. Mind you, have you seen the size of their poop?

 Of course a video goes without saying as I tried out the  MOVE! free gift of the Elena dance. I’m so excited because I have been accepted as one of their bloggers. Now dance videos are my niche and that works out perfectly given all the rubbish I have been through with SL of late. I received my first box of Elena to showcase last night. But this is a snippet of the dance and of the Roxy outfit.



Location The Village & BarDeco

Song track “Sexy Dress” by IsaB ( that’s me) 


“Roxy” top and skirt courtesy of the fabulous Alien Gizmo’s available singularly or in a fat pack.

Hair is “Holly” by [Entwined] which is a free group gift

Head is “Trinity”  and Skin is “Nellie” 2.5 tone by Laq Avatars

Shoes are “Rome” lace up  Reign

Necklace is “Orbit” a free group gift from .: RealEvil Industries :.

Dance animation is “Elena” a free group gift from MOVE! ANIMATIONS COLOGNE

Going to the fair

As you all know I blogged yesterday about my good friends son who is currently laying in hospital waiting for a bed to be able to be moved to Kings hospital in London for spine surgery. Today it will be a week since the crash and still he is waiting. 

Last night he had a major seizure and a follow on cat scan. I don’t know yet the outcome of that but I am praying for him right now that they can move him today and get that treatment he seriously needs.

Please leave him a kind message in the following link to a video I made for him so he knows we are all positively thinking about him. His mum shows him the YouTube .Roberts Titanic
Meanwhile ….the outfit






The outfit is actually a free gift from Wicca’s Wardrobe

Hair is “Riza” by MINA

“Trinity” head and “Nellie” skin from Laq Avatars

“Lara” mesh body from Maitreya

Choker is a free gift from ::Suicide DollZ::

Tatoo is a free gift from White Widow but found at Cosmopolitan event


Dances in video are freebees I found at Vista Animations


My best friends son is in hospital right now. His name is Robert and he is 30 years old and has Downs Syndrome.
Robert a few days ago was involved in a head on collision which has left him now waiting for surgery due to having broken the vertebrae in his back and other injuries. He has been waiting days now for a bed to be available at Kings in London.
I want to make him smile and want him to know he will be good soon and have his sizzle back on . Please leave him a message of good will so that when he sees this he knows we are all thinking of him and wishing him all the best. Roberts favourite song is Titanic.

Please leave your messages on the video which I will then give to his mum so she can show him.


Thank you