The lady garden

The lady garden

I have literally just bounced into bed and realised I haven't added the little hula dance I made for this video. It's nothing spectacular I just fancied a Hawaiian theme to the blog. Frankly I could get up and do it but it means a late night and well I can throw it in on [...]

It has a hud!!!!

Despite the appearance of Charmaine, and Trevor's escape from the Mother Road jail. Thelma is back to work and showing that she has the making of a vlogger and blogger. Her style and flair is well, out of this world as she raises the vlogging bar in the fourth life. Video:- Credits:- Navy Outfit [...]


This Video was meant to come out last night. But clearly my YouTube rant made in the middle of the night took precedence. Anyone that has seen that video will understand why it had to be done and why people had to know. Theft of content is a serious issue and when people are stealing [...]

The beach life

Swimsuits at the ready? No me neither. Not in reality anyhow. In reality though I'm actually feeling pretty annoyed with myself that I'm not ready to be seen in a swim suit and frankly don't like me myself right now. For many of us on this planet it's a constant struggle to meet the image [...]

Princess Isa

The image is totally contrary to my Real me. But believe me I wish I could. NOT DO LAUNDRY! I've take a week off work this week and it was a planned disappear from the world week. I'm more than a little stressed at the moment and when I get to this feeling I know [...]

Another life away

It's Easter Friday and I'm feeling a lot of meh. Is that a word? Meh? Well it seems to be the popular word used nowadays when someone asks how you are. So I'm using it today. If I could pinpoint the one thing that's making me feel this way then we would be off to [...]