I can say something cant I?

Yep I'm saying something again. Can't help myself but to do so. The You sub me I sub you culture on You Tube at the moment has become rather ridiculous!!! It reminds me of Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to name but a few where people do this and the followings rise and the [...]

Hey it’s “Hump Day”

Got to love that saying "it's hump day". All over my Facebook as I check my messages, because it's Wednesday.I did used to wonder about what people meant when they wrote this.I had thought oh it's a day when everyone is rather grouchy.In the UK "having the hump" is a common phrase for basically being [...]

Coffee with Isa -All sorts

It's that time again where we sit, have some coffee and you listen (or not listen) to my ramblings.Today more on dodgy scammers, Sansar, new friends and kids and their thoughts on parents and social media. i.e. Second-life vlogging and blogging.Video:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2uViQKMaKECredits:-Lace trimmed playsuit from *COCO*  at FaMESHedHalo hair from Analog DogLiquid eyeliner from  A R [...]

The family

Meet my little family. Soy man and Justin Bantam. I'm kidding but if I were going to do the family thing then these will do don't you think. I have had a full on day today doing this that and then the other. I left myself logged into pixel paradise for a lot of it, [...]

Let me pose here

It's Sunday today and I'm going back to bed.  Enjoy the video and outfit. Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOjx19IKy5M&feature=youtu.be Credits : Katy Jeans from Le Fashion Whore available at the Fusion101 event  with hud of colours Tara jumper from Le Fashion Whore available at the Fusion101 event with hud of colours Pamela boots are available form Le Fashion Whore at [...]

Hey there

Not that I'm counting, but it's another four days after today (I guess that's five) that Santa will float down my chimney with a great big surprise. Ok so yes I know he isn't real. But a girl can still dream. I dream of a lot of things but reality has to rear its head [...]

Hello anybody there?

Not many know but I've been out of work for the last week.  Stress in the work place is something I've never succumbed to before.  I'm very much a woman who cracks on with things and can take most things I come across. This last 6 months has not been so simple as that and [...]

Chocolate fixes

I've decided I cannot pretend this battle with the chocolate bar is every going to end. I suffer to this enemy every day and I have decided the only way forward is surrender!! Will I look like this in months from now? Hell no! But then wear it while I can and be done with [...]