The coronation

On the 6 May 2023 the U.K. will stop and watch the kings coronation.

Hence for this blog I decided to be royal. Just to get into the feeling of it I guess. To be honest I have very mixed feelings about the day. I don’t know why but something is niggling me.

I have a vision that’s visited me and it’s not a great one. So many people coming together is too much for my brain at times.

I won’t be there mind you. I’ll just be watching on the good old television. Part of me feels that when the queen passed, it was an end of an era.

I also strongly feel that Harry did the right thing leaving. This old institution is passed its sell by date. Many feel that way these days.

For me I’ve never been a big Charles fan. In fact none of the queens sons were endearing at all to me. I loved Diana and her ways and her sons. Oh and definitely the old queen. She was the last true royal to me.

Charles was not a great husband nor father and his current wife well I’ve no reason to think highly of her.

In this day and age the institution has lost its way and the strength of it has been lost along the way.

So let’s see what happens in the 6 May and if this brings people together, or simply divides.

In the meanwhile royal chic at the Designer Showcase.


Estela Gown from Le’La at the Designer Showcase (HUD with different colours)

Zosia’s crown, earrings and bracelet from Heartsdale Jewellery at the Designer Showcase (There is also a necklace)

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Leena hair from Exile

Manon skin from the Skinnery in toffee

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Sho on location at Elvion

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