Le coffee catch up

It’s all in the video below. But the outfit!!!

Too sizzling for the countryside? Nahhhh



Aashvi Outfit from {Le’La} at the Designer Showcase from 5th May

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

ER0220- hair from Wings

Eyeshadow and Lippy from IDTTY (Sorry forgot what shade I was wearing)

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Spring Tulips pose from Amitie

2 thoughts on “Le coffee catch up

  1. Not going to lie, that countryside area looks awesome, though I suspect it would take a while to load if I visited. XD

    We’re making adjustments here thanks to costs going up, particularly for energy. (Our provider went bust back in the autumn, so we got shuffled over to one of the big firms, who whacked up the direct debit in April.) On the plus side, we’ve already reduced costs for most other things, so I reckon we’re fortunate in that regard.

    I did the tour around Fantasy Faire last week, and while the region builds are awesome as always I’m a little disappointed that there’s less of the ‘scenic route’ this year, meaning I had to trek around all the shopping booths. (In truth, most of that stuff doesn’t interest me much, and I’m saving my Linden Dollars for Sci-Fi Con next month, though of course I donated to Relay For Life.)

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    1. It’s a lovely area. Took me about 3 mins or so to load. It’s not too laggy to be honest. My energy provider went bust. I’m waiting for the sting. Others have got theirs but I was still locked in but am aware it’s going to go hike up in about a month. I haven’t been to fantasy faire. I don’t enjoy it’s so much as I always lag there and I don’t want to lower graphics as then miss the views. So haven’t gone this year.
      I’ve been mega busy anyhow so not having much time to do such things.
      I just moved again!!!😂😂😂


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