Too much going on

Sometimes the pace of life seems to run at a speed faster than we can keep up.

But if we plan then we can beat the clock and catch up.

I’m not catching up. So I’ve taken myself to bed in the hope of getting some sleep.

Deep down I know that will be short lived when the housemate comes home. She has no filter of any sort and a lack of respect for my personal space.

I could sit and tell you how my housing situation is troubling me but I shall spare you that woe.

Today feels like there is so much on top of me that even creating a video I decided not to do.

My grandson Mason was sent home from school today as a child in the class and his family contracted and tested positive for COVID. So all children from that class have to now self isolate. They are only 5!

I’m still trying to get my head around what is going on around me in the world but also how incredibly selfish people are behaving.

Why send your child to school knowing he is not well? Why be so selfish and do that?

I need say no more.

You know how you would feel.


Lydia outfit from Scandalize

Eternity hair from Truth

Reflectice eyes  from Amara Beauty

Sweet Lipstick from A R T E

Tropical eyeshadow from A R T E

Catya bento head from CATWA

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6 thoughts on “Too much going on

  1. “They are only 5!”
    Isn’t that a bit eatrly for school? In Germany we were schooled in at the age of 6 (and only after a test), not 5, which is really still some kind of toddler.

    “Why send your child to school knowing he is not well?”
    Maybe they didn’t know. Kids are very resilient and often show no symptoms.

    And, hey, you’re the granny. Take your time to sleep amd let his mom deal with your grandson, she’ll know how to keep him busy during the isolation. And anyway, when I think back to when I was five, boredom was the least of my problems. Every day was a new adventure and there was so much to see and do and so many toys to destroy and doll families to ruin. And bicycles and rollerskates, and woods and forests to explore … I did never care about seeing my boring granny. So do never worry about a 5 y/o whippersnapper. He’ll be alright.


    1. He is in his first year at school. It’s young I agree. But how it is here. Apparently the child started feeling unwell since august but mother put it down to summer cold. So sent him to school.
      My sleep is not because of the little one as they don’t live with me. It’s my housemate!!! Honestly I need to make a strong decision about whether she stays or not.


      1. Or maybe really earnestly talk to her. Let her know that you’re no push-over and that she must respect your privacy and personal space. Make a list of strict rules!
        It’s your place, ya? So you’re in the better position anyway!


  2. I’m in a similar boat to you — I’ve decided to prioritize taking care of myself over trying to get shit done. Meanwhile, my sister has been juggling teaching her class of kids with keeping them and herself safe. So even something small like a whiteboard needing a USB port repaired requires extra planning and organization.


    1. Yep. My daughter is now going to stay away for 2 weeks. Given this weekend was the first time I’d seen them for two weeks as I isolated when housemate came back from Slovakia. Now they have to isolate him for 2 weeks. Seems he has a cold now so need to watch that, 😳
      Some days it just seems so tiring


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