This is how it is

Last night I arrived home from work in what can only be described as “Liz is off again” mood.

Those moments only happen when something happens that takes my day into a place of sheer frustration and I need to do something about it.

Most that know me as a person know in reality I often let things slide when it comes to any disputes with people or disagreements. I have the mindset that we are an imperfect species and capable of blunders. I do them all the time.

Corporations and business, that’s a different story!

Yesterday was to do with a mobile phone network provider who are trying to scam money from me and I seriously won’t put up with that nonsense.

For much of my younger adult years I’ve been one of those people who didn’t question companies when they said pink was red or white was maroon. I’d accept they must be right. However as you grow and experience more in life you realise you have the right to challenge when you know something isn’t quite right. Especially when you are being financially ripped off.

So hence my O2 rant on YouTube last night. To be fair though I think I was quite collected for a rant. The obvious countless other people on the internet who have fed back same issues can’t be wrong either.

Seriously though if your gut tells you that you are being ripped off, don’t sit back and accept it. Challenge it.

The fact is that you’re gut is most times actually correct.


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6 thoughts on “This is how it is

  1. Sometimes you gotta rant! If it’s any consolation I was very much in a “Liv is off” mood last night. Frustrations with two companies then a minor domestic argument.

    Sleep seems to have reset me to human.

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      1. I hadn’t seen your original rant until now when I found it on Twitter. “Revised Price”, wow – how convenient that they change it once they’ve got the phone. F*****s!

        Hugs from another UK Second Lifer. Have a better day. X

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  2. This reminds me actually of when I sent my dying old iPhone 6 off to Apple for a battery replacement. When they received it I got a message saying they were unable to carry out the work because the screen was cracked. And they sent a *reeeealy* close up picture of a microscopic chip in one corner of the glass. We are talking more like a scratch, less than 1mm deep just on the edge of the glass where it meets the body.

    So then my only option was to pay like an extra £120 or something to have the screen replaced before they could do the battery! Total about £175 or so (I don’t have the exact cost to hand)

    The joke is they said it was about worker safety… broken glass…!

    It did originally say in the agreement that they couldn’t change batteries if screens were damaged but it honestly looked as good as new unless you got out a magnifying glass. It felt like a total con to me. They had to replace batteries after that whole thing got in the press about slowing down old phones. But they advertised £35 and it cost me like 5 times more. Goes without saying I was not impressed.

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