It all comes tumbling down

I haven’t much to say today because I am so incredibly tired.

As you all know the past few days have been pretty sleepless and last night was no exception.

How could I sleep when I spent best part of the night listening out if my son needed anything. Pretty hard to relax when you just want to be sure he is ok.

Best yet I’ve woken up with incredibly sore throat and head and looks like I’ve got a cold or something. Just brilliant.

Last thing he needs is me giving him a cold germ.

And it’s like a domino effect, all comes tumbling down.

So I’m thinking I basically cover my face and use lots of antiseptic to wash my hands.

Now to ring work and give them an update….

In the meantime this dress !!!!!!!!


Savanah gown from .:JUMO:. at the Designer Showcase

Gem eyes  from Amara Beauty

Tropical eyeshadow from A R T E

Oline lipstick from A R T E

Flutter necklace from Cae

Erratic hair from Stealthic

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin in 04 from  Amara Beauty

SS Bento pose Surface A from Bodylanguage

Shot on location at Motorheadz Cafe

2 thoughts on “It all comes tumbling down

  1. Lack of sleep probably wore down your body’s defenses. You gotta take care of yourself to take care of others. It’s why you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before anyone else in those emergency pamphlets on planes.

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    1. Wierdly this evening Im feeling way better. I think my lack of sleep last night didn’t help. Man/boy is doing good today. Although can really feel the pain his been good trying to walk in the flat as he is meant to do little bits. Im like nurse Lizzy lol

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