Romance still exist?

We had a mad hour at work today and sat about chatting for a while. Egads I hear you gasp, chatting on work paid time!! Shocking I know.

I do a very stressful RL job and in our team we are currently high pressured at the moment due to staff cuts and the fact that our work involves vulnerable people in social services and finances.

So yes we have a moment now and then when we yak away to get our heads screwed back on so we can deal with the next unpleasant phone call or letter or meeting. Today was no exception.

One of the ladies in the team decided to talk about romance and the novel Fifty Shades of Gray which she has been reading. Now bear in mind, we have all read the books, but her.

I  have to say I have never laughed so much listening to her accounts of each scene she read and how she tried to put into practice some of the scenes just to check if physically she could even do them.  Her naivety was actually refreshing and it made me realise that I too had that naivety in me until the internet reared its head and made all manner of previously not so common things more apparent and more acceptable.

Its funny how things we take for “average and normal” now were in fact taboo around 20 years ago.

20 years ago it was less common for women to consider mowing their Lady Garden to the point of it becoming a beach instead of the tropical mound it once was.

20 years ago, our young adults didn’t think it was necessary to have threesomes or foursome or even moresomes.

20 years ago when you went on a date, you were wined and dined and even maybe got some flowers thrown in for a one night stand.

But today, that has all changed. Now when you seek to date its getting more normal to meet someone off a dating site and the often first date you don’t get flowers, a meal or even a coffee at times. The expectations have changed.

People are more sexually active and more open about it, and the taboo subjects have become part of every day conversation.

For example I have a friend on my RL facebook who is lovely, but she regularly updates her status on the BDSM events she will  visit or has visited on her weekend. 20 years ago we would never have known. Today its like just another thing you do.

So the question is, where has all the romance gone?


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