This smile

Is not true today.

Not commonly known because I tend not to moan about aches and pains. But the last 6 weeks I have had some issues with my right arm. 

They’ve caused me not to sleep at night and for the past 6 weeks I’ve been on a cocktail of medications trying to deal with the pain.

2 days ago something snapped in my arm at work and since then the pain has been extremely intense.

Emotionally I’ve been pretty up and down and yesterday afternoon ended up in Accident & Emergency after severe stomach cramps and pain in my arm and shoulder. 

Morphine is great stuff. I had 4 hours of normal ish and I wish I could again. 

Anyhow it turns out I’ve damaged the tendon in my shoulder and I’m straight in with the hospital physio as of today to get me sorted.

So this blog is just a heads up that things are not all they should be and I may be a little cranky or emotional if you see me online. That be because I’m not great with pain at all.

But I can still type, albeit carefully and still use my phone. So I’ve got some good yet.


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