Before the night is over

I’m not sure I want this night to end just yet.

It’s nearly 6am and the sun is rising (although  frankly I only see clouds).

Last night I dreamt of places far away, where adventures become  real and excitement is at every turn.

But, then I wake up. And I realise it was just a dream.

Alien Gizmo’s has given me the opportunity to wear some of their clothing. I have to say I look pretty good right now. Don’t you agree? 



Credits :-

Top is “Manuela” by Alien Gizmo

Skirt is “Roxy” by Alien Gizmo’s

Both items from Alien Gizmo’s are available in a number of colour options.

Wedge shoes “Gwen” Alien Gizmo’s

Hair is Light blonde “Riva” MINA

Mesh head “Trinity” and “Nellie” skin are  Laq Avatars

Body is “Lara” Maitreya






2New Image.jpg


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