On reflection

Its been a whole week and bit since I have become a noob and I have to say I have not a bad wardrobe collection now and various hairs. All thank you to wonderful content creators who offer samples of their creations free at their stores in a group gift or upon subscribing. These are all  merchants that I have previously been a regular customer and would happily continue to do so because the quality of their creations is wonderful.

I think what sets aside a good creator is the one who will offer something as  a taster to encourage customer loyalty and who also believes  in their product enough to be able to offer that sample.

Its very much like being in a supermarket and having the taste test. Once you have sampled and if you really like what you sample, you certainly will want more. It’s good business and good customer service.

I am as of today, very impressed with this customer service side of many creators and would certainly see it as a positive when someone is starting out in any virtual world, to be helped along the way.

I value the gifts offered by merchants and it certainly has given me the opportunity to try out some that I have never used before in my long span in SL. Don’t forget, I have been here a very long time. I first landed in SL in 2007 then returned in 2010.

Also because I am technically homeless.  (Well I can stare at my home over the wall and admire its contents), I have managed to visit so many more sims than I have done previously.

I have however made Creswick Island my temporary residence, because frankly it has been my favourite sim in a very long time and I love to rez there and actually sit on the beach and listen to the music.

Mind you, nothing is more favourite than my four walls I own and spent a lot of time and loved making.

However, its as it is for now and one thing I know is that its not what you have, but the people who share it with you. I have connected with people again, well some anyhow and its great to know I can still be Isabelle but Liz instead now. I am the same person, they are the same people, and really, isn’t that all that matters?

Though, give me mesh…I want mesh mesh mesh mes mesh!!!!!

Linden Lab, give me back my long hard earned paid for accounts!!!!!!!
On another note someone I have met who is genuinely a decent person made my evening last night before I went to bed.

I’ve been in SL many years and it’s the first time a man has ever simply for the hell of it bought me a gift.

It just put my faith back that some people genuinely are straight forward nice.

Oh and he is fit!!!





Hair is free gift from Truth.

Outfit is a free group gift by Gizza

Skin is a free group gift from Lara Hurley

The photo backdrop is the gorgeous Creswick Island





Its easy


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