Good hearts

A big thank you to a friend who helped me get my schizzle back on.

As I’m on this bus journey to work I am substantially cooler than I was yesterday.

The ride home yesterday in the hells oven torture tank which felt like a sauna was just too much. Have they never heard of Windows  for buses?

The dude that got on without his shirt will be ingrained in my memory for a long time to come!!!

The hairy back with sweat dripping sat in front of me……..

Why? Why? Why?

Put a shirt on. It collects your sweat, I assure you it does.

To put in context, I’m not near the beach and this was a bus road home in a packed bus.

As you can see I do have my schizzle on again and I’m so excited ….


New Imagesee.jpg







ISON Baroque jumpsuit available at Collabr88

Body Maitreya Lara

Head Infinity by Laq Avatars

Skin “Wilma” by Laq Avatars

Hair is Faith by MINA


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