Can’t concentrate!!!

Its Sunday morning here in the UK and I’m supposed to be doing this darn essay. Well its not going too  well I can tell you.

You know when you have so many ideas in your head and you don’t know which one to lay down first?

Well that’s me right now.  So when in doubt log into my other life and find an idea or two. Well instead I found another dress and a visit to The trace. However it will be closing tomorrow on the 22nd as they prepare for Autumn. It such a beautiful sim and I love visiting, so cramming a few last minute photo opportunities in.

I am in some ways loving this learning to find things on a shoes string budget of zero. However, I am missing my meshed up self and soon will have to mesh this gal up so I can feel normal again. Unless of course BBB gets my main account back! I’m waiting with bated breath and fingers and toes crossed.



Credits :-

Dress is a free group gift from Emily C

Hair is free group  gift  from Truth

Skin is free group gift from Lara Hurley

Necklace is free group gift from Phedora

Body shape is free group gift called Camille from LAQ







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