Hell yes

I visited an adult sim called Umbral last night to take this photo. Actually very prettily done and I will certainly visit again as it has a gorgeous feel to it.

I did have a chuckle as I was approached by a manly avatar who asked me if I basically wanted to get jiggy.

The last time that happened to me was when I was a real noob in 2010. In fact it happened a lot!

But when I meshed up and became more aesthetically pleasant on the eye that certainly stopped happening and at the large for a number of years in pixel paradise I was not approached.

I’ve woken up this morning contemplating this. Yes, I know, crazy huh.

Ive come to the conclusion that it’s a bit like real life. We usually don’t approach the ultra good looking people for fear of rejection. 

But we do approach the people we feel comfortable with and who are on our levels.

So, I’ve decided that despite it being crass to ask me in the first sentence do I want to get jiggy. That its also obvious he felt more comfortable asking me.

His avatar was noobish but at least a year old and mine is not even a week but pretty averagely noobish.

Ahhhh I think this could be the secrets to long lasting happiness taking into accounts the laws of attraction.

Ok, I just woke up. I’m allowed to fantasise………
Credits in this pic:-

Hair is from Argrace and freebie at the reception desk. 

Top is free from Gizza. You just need to pop to their store and outside they have a pretty decent area of freebies. They’re great fashion creators and I love that as a noob I can grab some bits from there.

The leggings are my pathetic attempt at being my own dressmaker. Yes I know, shocking after all these years wearing paint on leggings!!! Still With something well made over the top, doesn’t look too shabby if I must say so myself.

Body and skin are named Camille and available as a group gift from Laq who were always my original skin people before I meshed up. But United they are now with mesh heads as well!!!!

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