Noob madness

 Last night I decided to go to the Ness Market website and check out all the tips she has to offer. Absolutely brilliant!

As you can see by the photos, noob I do not appear. Well only in the fact my hands and feet are like golum’s. But apart from that I’m acceptable to appear in public.

Hard to find decent shoes for noobs though.

Anyhow today in real life I’m on a bus headed to work. It was meant to be my study day as I have a rather large bit of work due to hand in in Monday to complete his module of my Employnrnt law course.

However, as we all know things don’t ever go quite according to plan. Short staffed and the union want to meet with me. 

I trust you all have a fabulous Thursday .

Bondibabe the oldest noob in SL




Credits :-

Hair is Truth gift when you join the group and land at their store

Outfit is Gizza and same, join the group and they have a nice freebie section outside the main store of some actually lovely outfits.

Body and skin is the free gift by Laq Skins called Camille, available at the Laq skin store


A big thank you to NessMarket as that is a treasure trove of the latest freebies and where to go find them. And I’m talking good quality freebies!


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