So here it is. The complaint that may or may not fix this Linden   Lab issue.

We can file these all around the world and it appears there are approximately 111 that have been filed before me. I make it 112. Whether you get a decent outcome remains to be seen. Happy to fly to San Francisco and argue the TOS ( no pun intended….not)

But I’m resolute in my principles about fair play and treatment, so I shall persevere. Onward and upward. Meanwhile I’m in world and have been discovering what it’s like to be a noob.

The pressure to look like all the other little pixels on the block is shocking. The pressure to have money because frankly without it you can’t go to certain venues as group only  venues.

Taking a photo for your profile , can’t be done unless you have ten lindens.

Well I don’t have ten lindens as I’m a noob now and in that vein   I may go and offer my services as a housemaid, pole dancer or perhaps do some street begging.


Everything free!!

Truth hair gift for group members

Top zero lindens on marketplace by Alyce  

Skinny leather jeans by Corvus

Body and skin free group gift by Laq called Camille

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