A woman just can

I’m exploring how you can look good in SL on a zero budget and frankly if you know where to go and zero shop wisely, it’s amazing what you can do. Especially when you first start out.

In saying that though I truly miss being meshed up Isabelle as she is just me.

But I’m not putting my credit details in this world as they saved those even though you delete them!

However I’m planning to show newcomers they don’t need to part with their money, they don’t need to be ruled by a virtual commerce whereby within a flick of a switch they lose everything,

After all, linden lab are quite clear in their TOS, that linden dollars and ownership of virtual land (Despite costing real money!!!) you need to accept they don’t consider it real money.

Therefore I am going to show people how to be an avatar but not feel like that kid in the playground who can’t afford to look like everyone else.


Credits :-

Laq Camille skin and shape, courtesy of being a free gift at the LAQ Avatars

Body is The Mesh Project free demo The Store

The Summer dress is The Mesh Project which comes in the package with the body.

Hair is Argrace group gift at the front of the store entrance.Argrace

Photos taken on location at Crestwick Island


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