A moment in time

I’m coming to the end of my second life. 

Well not quite as I have another two weeks of images and video footage which I will spend some time on.

How many of you ever bother to read Linden Lab TOS?

I suggest you do ASAP. Because you are in such a hurry to get back in when they do the updates TOS agreements on our viewers I know many of you (a good 98%) just click agree and hop back in.

Well I suggest you have a read.

Did you know when you agree to that TOS you agree that your linden dollars are not real money? That your investment financially in Land and inventory is not based on real money? That you agree it’s not real and that you won’t get it back if anything happens?

Linden TOS
Ive learnt a lot since they banned me without ever telling me what I did wrong. I did come back and they banned me again.

I will not return even if they unban me.

Why? Because frankly poor customer service and treatment.l after a LOT of financial investment. 

I’ve now spoken and communicated with a number of people in similar circumstances to me. Who were treated shoddily and who don’t know what they did wrong.

I know who is responsible for what happened to me and I have now reported him. Let’s see what linden lab does about him! 


5 thoughts on “A moment in time

  1. Aww Isa, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had no success at all in getting some decent customer service from Linden Labs 😦 I’m sad to hear you won’t be inworld and still have no idea what you are supposed to have done wrong, it’s really not a good advert for Second Life at all.


    1. It’s not and I’ve now spoken to s number of people who have told me similar stories. I joined Kitely and you get a great service for your money especially where land is concerned. They just need to improve their avatars which are still pretty noob.
      I’m sad as lost friends who weren’t in Facebook and so will never know why I’m no longer there.
      Linden lab never tell you anything. I’ve asked them numerous times by email on their support page and also by registered letter sent to America. Same answer each time.

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