Today is the day I sat with an investigator and finally spoke about what has happened to me for the last 4 months and hopefully the people responsible get held to account and justice served once they have done all their investigations.

SL situation has been nothing in terms of the violation I’ve had recently and in context if the Lindens don’t rectify it, it’s not the end of my happiness and existence. Everything is about context. 

I not so long ago aluded to data breaches.

Suffice to say because it’s still at a certain level of confidentiality I can’t say too much, despite my great need to shout to the rafters what they did to me. But eventually I will.

In the UK there is a organisation  called The Information Commisioner (ICO). 

If your data has been breached, they investigate and consequently can instigate fines against organisations for failure to protect data. These fines can be up to £500,000 and carry with them other penalties and measures organisations need to rectify and adhere to. 

Well the ICO have taken my complaints very seriously due to the nature of the breach as I have another level of protection which is about being legally privileged.

The devastation caused to me relates to information gained which was highly confidential and was gained by abuse of two individuals who used systems for their own gains. 

Soon I will speak about it openly, but not till they have been investigated and dealt with.

But for me today it has beenemotional but also a relief to finally start seeing something happening.

One thing I know, justice sometimes late, eventually does come.

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