Pigs will fly

I regard life as an adventure most of the time.

Peaks and troughs happen along the way which we learn from. We meet people that often just pass through, but some who stay with us on the adventure.

We are educated in many ways by often the simple things we do and experience and often take for granted those moments as they are so usual and often. We don’t actually stop and think because they’re so usual and often.

Last night whilst faffing around on my PC and sorting out my rather huge SL photo and video collection, I stopped and had a moment.

No, I didn’t sit and pray and get all emotive. I just stopped and had a moment and thought wow.

A total big wow!

Have you ever sat and thought back to 30 years ago?

We only imagined the technology we have now. Video calling to me was stuff that was just imagination I used to see on tv shows. Back in the day it was shows such as Space 1999 or Get Smart. It was fun and imaginative but never real.

Wind clocks forward to today. We have it.

We have virtual reality, we have immersive reality.

Our virtual relationships have progressed from typing text chat to interactive ones. We can emote, touch and fully feel like we are with others who are thousands of miles away.

Who would have thought? I guess those folk with the wild imaginations from our childhoods that wrote these thoughts down as otherwise how did we get here.

So, last night I contemplated this and then contemplated all the horrid things people are doing to each other in the world and how we hope for this to change. I truly believe it will because if we can achieve these unbelievable things, we can achieve anything.

Pigs will fly and it will rain men. Lots of men. 😊 well that’s my little sideline wish anyhow.
Have a great day and I’ll see you in SL.

I’m on a bus and so will update these later this evening.

The mesh head is  CATWA Gwen.

The mesh body is  Maitreya Lara and vast amounts of excercise.

The sun kissed skin is Christy Datk by Lara Hurley and an English summer.

The hair is by Magika, wind friendly and sprayed to perfection.

The dress is  Hud driven :::KC::: Moira Dress



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