A jump from Second Life to High Fidelity

A quick ten second overview video of this world. I clearly need to get the correct head and hand gear but for now using a mouse and keyboard.

I’m  impressed with the feel of it, though its unusual when so used to SL and how it works.

BUT I foresee this is competition for SL and for creative sorts, I think this will be pretty exciting.

I stopped and had a voice chat with an American man who was really helpful and explained some bits that I wasn’t sure about . Such as at the moment its in voice chat but they are looking at an eventual chat feature.

My thoughts on this? I’m definitely staying in and will play with it and learn I think.

Excuse the pretty poor video of it but hey, its a definite different experience for me and so I had to record differently for today.

I need to learn how to build as seriously I hate wearing my hair in a bun in RL,  let alone in  a virtual  life.


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