Where there’s a will

There is always a way.

So says my barrister friend today when I told him of the events of the last few weeks.

I’m not sure my SL dilemmas constitutes a barrister, although tempting an idea it is to involve one. 

I will give the lab people a chance as I figure I’ve never had an issue before.

So today I have sent a formal letter to them which is signed for and tracked so I will know when they get it. 

I’m guessing they are more used to people emailing or ranting over the telephone. However with my law head on, things are done in writing. 

It also gives them a chance to address concerns I have financially and for them to investigate and explain how since I’ve not had access and been away that  at the very least in terms of £ sterling over £60 has been taken from my pay pal and credit card. Not possible while I was in scotland as couldn’t play SL! Not have I spent that much in the past few weeks prior.  Hmm let me see £1.5 k invested in Luxebox which by the time linden lab sort this out I will have automatically lost because on the 1st of the month  you get kicked from the group to rejoin for the next months box event.

By heck I shall just smile as that is all I can do at the moment. 
The issue?

Well I have an American male friend in Sl who was also hacked. His account had 9 k taken and transferred to an Emma. 

Now the wierd thing is I’m implicated somehow but don’t know why. By the nature that I know him?

I didn’t even know about his alt. Anyhow none of it makes sense.

My computer was hacked and it had been for weeks before this.i didn’t know at the time, only I did notice my connection kept disappearing and I found it hard work doing anything. I even blamed my sky internet.

But it wasn’t because lots of odd things went on. Accounts kept locking me out in Facebook, yahoo, pay pal, hotmail.

My computer is sorted and virus free. No other person can backfiring or whatever they call it access it now.

So I shall be patient.

Seriously in this world there are way better things to worry about.

So I’m trying not to. But SL is my escape and my creative outlet. 

Damn the person who did this because when I find them, my wrath will not be held back.

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