What matters

Today little Mason turned 1.

He truly is what makes my heart melt and every day I’m incredibly thankful for the wonderful work of the nurses and surgeons at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London and the miracles they performed when Mason was only two months old.

Not enough is said about these wonderful professionals and what they do in saving lives and the support they give to families.

I as a grandmother am eternally grateful to them and thank them so much.

Mason returns in the next few months to have further surgery but it’s for good things as they need to remove the banding around his heart.

With all things crossed that will be the last time he has to face this.

Sadly I have learnt that due to NHS cuts the Royal Brompton is facing closure.

This hospital needs support as it is a world renowned hospital for congenital heart defects and helps many children each day.

Support them and shout out to keep it open Click here for Royal Brompton

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