Last day

Last day here today and will actually be quite sad to leave.

It’s truly a beautiful place and a real get away from hectic madness.
On another note linden lab have shut down my secondlife. No explanations, no nothing.

I’ve been hacked and they shut me down. Last night I saw their email and have responded to it. So we shall see.

All I can say is what a disgusting organisation to happily take money from people and then shut accounts down without any explanations.

I have been in SL since 2010 and under my 3 avatars paid tiers for mainland and certainly invested in it financially on a pretty big scale. 

My yahoo got hacked, my Facebook got hacked, my PayPal got hacked. All other organisations have been great. Linden lab? 

Not much can be said. I could really say a lot but I’m more measured a person than to say what I truly think right now.

Suffice to say, I’d recommend anyone watching what they invest in this world as like me you lose it all and they don’t even bother to tell you why.

3 thoughts on “Last day

    1. Thanks Meri. I’ve spoken last night at length to the other person this has affected. He is in America and also had issues but his account is safe. I e written to linden lab formally and will just have to wait. They’re not exactly responsive lot and could do with some better customer service skills.
      I am nearly 80% sure who did this and it’s just how to prove it. The same person reads my blog posts everyday. So they will know I know now.
      Childish stuff that has completely messed up my Sl existence.

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