Goes to show

As everyone knows I’m in Scotland at the moment and away from the madness of life but entered into a different madness when someone decided to mess with my SL accounts.

That’s ok, I know it will eventually get resolved, its just the worry about financial details etc that actually gets to me. I have a lot invested in my SL account and own a lot of land and assets. Its knowing these are inaccessible at the moment which is a real burden. Added to that, I am not RL rich by any means.

However, its not the end of the world and put in perspective there are actually far greater things to worry about at the moment.

With the recent attacks in Nice,  and the unrest in Turkey.

I need to put in perspective what is important really. A very close friend is affected by the situation that unfolded in Turkey the past few days and the worry about him and his family far outweighs my own.

I wonder what kind of world we actually do live in some days and wonder where this craziness is taking us.

I value far more than pixelated worlds, my real world and the family within it.

That is what is important and that is what should matter.






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