Account locked

Strange activity has happened in my SL account and I can’t get in. 

So don’t bother messaging me as it won’t be me who is responding.

This wouldn’t be an issue if my bank account and personal information wasn’t readily accessible by the moron who has gained access.

I’ve had messages from a guy in SL asking me wierd questions in the past few days and I can only put  two and two together and now think in all the years I’ve been in SL this person has something to do with it.

Therefore until I can get this sorted I have no access. I’m away and unable to sort things out in s mobile phone so.. Can’t do anything.

This person knew I was away and that’s pretty convenient that things are happening while I can’t access anything.

But money has been attempted to be taken and it’s certainly not tier fee either!!

4 thoughts on “Account locked

    1. Seriously it’s just thrown me. People complain all the time about this kind of thing and it has now happened to me.
      Goes to show don’t trust anyone !!!


    1. Well it doesn’t matter at the moment as I’m away and Sl isn’t important . But I need to make sure no money is being taken. My internet at home had been compromised a few weeks now which I realised as it kept cutting in and out. Turns out now that someone was actually gaining access to my PC. My son had my brother over yesterday and they’ve sorted out that thank god. But now my concern goes beyond SL so will see when I get home end of the week precisely what accounts online have been accessed.


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