No picture, no nothing

I decided to blog today without a virtual visual.

SL has played up something shocking and I’m spending more time restarting my router than having fun. I shall of course complain to someone but in the meantime stop, start, Rez.

SL is only really ultimately a great experience when you share it.

As many know I’m very much a island and spend a lot of it alone. Many reasons for that but I guess the predominant one is that when I do meet people (excluding Exo folk) usually they tend to not be truthful.

I live in both worlds by truth and just being me. As said before the only difference is that my pixel looks absolutely fabulous and never ages.

I’ve considered setting up a counselling service for those troubled pixels who feel the need to troll, abuse and just carry their inner meanness into everyone else’s fantasy lives. I’ve seen and observed a lot of that lately and I think it’s ultimately sad that even in fantasy people can’t escape with a smile.

Recently I’ve met a few really good people. Souls that shine I call them. 

I believe there are many people like this, they just don’t shout loud enough for you to notice them. So stopping and saying hi is definitely the one way to find out.

Not stopping could mean you miss out on meeting someone who could be great in your life, so never overlook that opportunity. In RL we often don’t get that opportunity to talk to strangers. So grab it while you can.

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