As I get older I just prefer to knit!

 Ha ha not really but some days I consider that as a safer option.

I can’t knit to save myself. Tried once or twice in my nipper years, but failed terribly at that skill.

So I won’t be one of those grannies sitting and knitting the little cherubs jumpers every Christmas. 

I’m on the bus. Yes I’m always on the bus it seems. 

I choose to do my blog on the ride to RL work. Just makes sense to spend this time doing something I enjoy rather than staring blankly out the window day dreaming of men in tiny shorts running across the rugby pitch…..

Ok ok I wake up again. But I do enjoy that day dream. One of many .

The sights in reality that I see on my journey are not as spectacular as my imagination affords me.

A lot has to be said about fantasy.


Credits :

Head “Gwen”  CATWA

Body “Lara” Maitreya

Skin “Christy Dark” Lara Hurley

Eyes “Paradise” IKON

Ears “Steking” Mandala

Denim Gillet Addams

Black top Emery

Hair /Wasabi Pills


Bench DaD Design

Plants Hayabusa Design

House Scarlet Creative




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