Fun in the sun

You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone whipping out their cell phone and snapping a pic. Be it a selfie or a sneaky one of someone else.

I’m guilty of that, snapping the photo moment when it arises.

I was on a bus a week ago coming home from work. There were a few school boys aged about 15. Playing with their mobile phones. I watched them taking their selfies, chuckling to myself knowing just like us more mature folk they were either updating Facebook or Instagram.

What I hadn’t realised straight off was that one lad was in actual fact not taking selfies but was taking photos of me.

As he leant forward to show his friend there I saw it, my face bold as brass in the screen of his phone.

I guess I could have been a grumpy old woman and told them off for invasion privacy etc etc.

But frankly knowing how often I take snaps without thinking that the people in them may indeed object, I reconsidered that stance.

So instead I smiled. 

I guess who knows I may right now be going viral amongst the school population. Again I just smile, as really it’s made me realise that I can’t be too precious about my images if I’m already putting them out there in Facebook and Instagram.

Do you know who is taking your photo and where it’s being seen?

I wonder who snapped this?






Credits :-

Head “Gwen” CATWA

Body “Lara” Maitreya

Skin “Christy dark” Lara Hurley

Eyes “Paradise” IKON

Top and Shorts “Dana” Candy Doll at Fameshed

Hair “Ariel” /Wasabi Pills


Shot on Location at Salt Water


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