As I lay me down to sleep

As I lay me down to sleep. A shopping treat, that first I must seek.

Before I lay my head to pillow, the rules we make appear so simple.

Ok perhaps a poet I am not. It was 2 minutes of fun anyhow trying.

A few days ago I raised a topic about virtual relationships and that question I have about loyalty etc and can you logically have a SL and a RL relationship and 100% really divide the two.

I’ve now spoken to a number of people on this topic, currently involved in SL relationships and they all have said the same thing to me. That their SL love is a real life love. That it does impact and it does affect their real lives.

But now throw into the mix, the SL lover who has a number of alts and who has active relationships within each of these alts. That person must be incredibly divided or simply just greedy.

In order for me to rationalise this, the best way is to take myself shopping.




Credits :-

“Summer Belted Dress” =Zenith Designs=

“Bucket Shoulder bag =Zenith Designs=

Head “Gwen”

Body “Lara”

Skin “Christy Dark”



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