The world feels crazy…


That’s how it feels for many of us in the UK today. Average people who just  get by and try and make a better life.

Today’s decision which people voted for, has left the United kingdom a very divided nation.

People are devastated, angry, upset, depressed and forlorn. Then there are also people happy, joyful, and hopeful. 

Only time will tell if this decision will reap what they voted for.

But in the meantime households, friendships, neighbourhoods, social media etc etc is being shaken by the news. People are arguing and I have to ask, isn’t this precisely what wars are made of? When people don’t agree and beliefs are shaken? 

Let’s hope tomorrow when we wake up, when the shock has worn off, that we look at each other and start a new day. Together!!!

Because if we don’t, the future doesn’t look bright.




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