It’s midday here in the UK and I didn’t blog enroute on my bus journey like I usually do. 

My time was spent yakking to a lady on the bus who I hadn’t seen for a while.

It transpires  that she was diagnosed with cancer a short while ago and had taken time off work for various tests etc she needed to undergo.

If the knowledge of her predicament in life wasn’t enough to floor me. It was how her employer was treating her during this very difficult time in her life.

Our journeys through life are very varied, some appear to be better for some than others and how we deal with our situations is one thing. But the actions of an employer not showing compassion and making someone’s life more difficult is frankly inexcusable.

The employer has placed this lady on a Performance and Capability process amidst her chemotherapy treatment. 

This lady has returned back to work when my she shouldn’t be there. Why? Because her fear of standing up and losing her job. Why? Because through no fault of her own she has been struck with an illness that potentially could  end her life.

I guess what I want to say is, on our journeys, we should always remember the people around us and take the time to ask them how they are. 

It only takes a moment. That moment could mean the world to that person

So my virtual gal is in reflection and thinking about the people around.


Body Maitreya Lara

Head “Gwen” CATWA

Eyes “Paradise” IKON

Outfit Blueberry.  Top “Calyn”, Skirt “Letia”.

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