I did it again.

I am having a lovely few days meeting new people and I had simply forgotten how much fun that really is.

Its not that I don’t meet people every day, its just that I tend to be a loner when I visit virtual world because I’m always busy creatively hanging on my own. So to meet and yak to people makes a  really great change and I love to find out what people enjoy and why they too visit this weird world we often call home.

So this look on my face is the look of OMG.

It is also me showing off my head as I do simply think its beautiful. But of course I am biased, after all it is mine.

Currently working on a video and at the same time, a music track. Along with that there is a furniture delivery happening today and some Law homework I need to do this weekend.

So actually, the fact that it is raining and miserable, is actually conducive to my  activities for this weekend. But of course, they totally involve regular visits to the virtual plane.


Credits : –

Head “Gwen” CATWA

Skin “Christy Dark” Lara Hurley

Eyes “Promise – paradise” IKON


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