Freedom to do as I please. As I want and when I want.

Someone at work asked me today about how I was a single person and did I not mind being single at my age. Damn cheek of it!

I did have to laugh though as its a thought that does cross my mind often. If I’m ever going to settle with anyone etc etc,

I guess only fate really predicts that ultimately.

I’ve explored date sites  etc and the one thing I have worked out about myself is that I am a bit of an island and a remote one. 

As much as the idea of being with someone does matter to me, I’m also ultimately not going to “settle” for something just because I’m alone.

I also believe that the man who does end up with me will indeed be someone who can match me in ethic, moral, fun, laughter and values. 

I’m the hardest nut to crack and although I may soften, cross me with hurt and lack of trust, my shields spring right up and and the gate locks.

I enjoy my freedom of not really answering to another and its a freedom that actually I expect in a relationship to a certain degree.

I have my own hobbies and interests and certainly don’t expect a partner to have to  enjoy the same, just to appreciate that I have them.

I’ve been in love, lust and infatuation.

But do I believe in the ultimate one person?

Good question because I believe as humans we are capable of loving many people in our lifetimes. But the decision to remain with one person is about commitment and understanding that we are not perfect, and each appreciating this.

It’s about understanding honesty, loyalty and working at keeping all of this alive and growing.

Now I’m sounding like a Mills and Boon book, and maybe I am.

However they’re the principles I sway by and when that question was asked of me today, it of course beggared the long answer.

Moral of story.Never ask IsaB aka liz4paris about relationships. You are bound to get the long version.


Best looking body is of course Maitreya

Pretty face is CATWA Gwen

Skin is Lara Hurley Christy Dark

Bikini is by Erratic

Hair which I’m absolutely loving as its like my real life is Faith by MINA

Location of picture is Salt Wter


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