I moved a week ago. In the virtual way of course.

If in reality I could move around like my pixelated beatch, then I would.

I have always preferred the sea and island living. Goes back to my Australian and South Afrucan roots growing up on the beaches and distances from people and madness. 

I am a predictable soul and the house is practically mirror imaged to my last estate sim, although I upgraded furnishings a little. 

Whilst trapsing around last night taking photos, I met a man in my travels. Really nice and sweet person. So of course I dragged him back to say, look, look look. Isn’t it pretty. 

Actually he was my first real visitor that was invited. The rest are the waifs and strays who chance landing on my sofa only to find Dr Security sends them to Coventry for their sins.

Isn’t it funny how in a virtual world the sense of ownership is just as strong as it is in real life?

I tend however to usually make the back garden free to roam but this time, first time in 6 years I’ve decided it’s all mine. All mine I tell you. 

Actually that’s not true. As linden lab ultimately own it. 

One day God help us if they turn the switch off. We will all be homeless.
Credits will be updated when I get home. As always I’m blogging on a bus trip to work.

Have a great Monday pixelators.

Head is “Gwen” by CATWA

Body is “Lara” by Maitreya

Skin is Christy Dark by Lara Hurley

Hair is “Faith” inbred by MINA

I’m wearing Mandala Steking ears

Cae butterfly necklace

Blueberry jeans


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