Protect yourself

Anyone who knows me personally in real life will know exactly what this is about.

Maybe one day soon I can share it openly with you. But for now my message further to earlier post today, is to make sure you protect your data.

I don’t mean just on the internet, I mean even in the workplace. For that is the one place you would least suspect.  But I can assure you, even in the workplace it happens. That is where it has happened to me. The devastation of someone gaining access to your very personal information, is something I cannot even come to express.

This video and music I have done as a result of a major data breach that begs me to warn you all, protect your data. Protect yourself.

Don’t share your passwords, don’t leave anything you value anywhere for anyone to see and abuse.

I see this all the time and I want to shout to you don’t do it. I have NEVER shared my passwords with anyone. Never.

I see many couples in SL do this as a mark of trust etc etc. But let me tell you, what is idyllic love one moment, can with in a breath turn into the worst nightmare for you financially because you made that decision to give essentially what is a stranger across the world your password to “do something for you.”

Trust is something people have to earn, and you have to have to stand in the same room as that person to ultimately know you really can trust them. Before that, they are the fantasy and can be whoever they choose to be. Know them first.

When you hand your password over you are actually giving someone you don’t and cant know fully, carte blanche to your life, your finances, and ultimately control of your internet.

Don’t do it. Think. Be sensible and if they ask you for it, that’s the biggest red flag there is.

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