That’s pretty much how my position will be the weekend. Slumped over a PC studying. 

Mind you, it won’t stop me from visiting my favourite guilty pleasures, SL and meddling with music. But those visits I must keep brief as I’ve got plenty of work to do.

Non completion of coursework risks being booted of the course as its fully funded by the TUC.

Mind you the tutor, is pretty cool guy and looking at this long haired muso you would never know he is a qualified employment lawyer.

Goes to show that despite appearances, you can never judge a person. Never!!

It’s Friday and in my real life I’m on a bus leaving work and heads to a friends for dinner and catch ups. I carry with me squirty cream. Make if that what you will!

I will update links later but I am in this picture wearing in no particular order

Hair from Vanity Fair

CAWA Gwen mesh head

Maitreya Lara mesh body

Lara Hurley Christ dark skin

Outfit by Pixicat

Attitude from years of trying so hard

A glint in my eye from a dodgy contact lense

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