The ship sails

This photo was taken at Warm Springs

The significance of when the boat/ship sails is about rolled behaviours, pride and being obstinate.

I think we are all guilty of this, some in greater degrees than others.

Taking chances is what life is about. I’ve started taking more and more lately and I’m glad I am. Frankly we are a long time dead and life is about now.

But when doing so, I think it’s always important to consider the chance and maybe analyse it first a little then do that leap of faith.

That way if you get it wrong, the only person you can blame is yourself, brush it off and then leap in a different direction.

I’ve come to the conclusion life is a series of leaps of faith and if you don’t take them you remain in a position of always wondering what if, if only etc.

Someone a few months back made many comments about how I live my life, referring to my life as a hamster wheel because I take pride and enjoy my work, my union activity, my family and my music.

But to me that’s what life is about. It’s not all petals and roses scattered but a series of ups and downs and having to work being one of them.

At the end of each of my days I can smile as I feel a sense of pride in what I do achieve and knowing that I’ve helped make a difference to someone. That’s my leap of faith, getting my hands dirty, dealing with the negatives and bringing something better from it.

Hence I decided to do the law diploma as my first step in one of my many leaps in order to be more effective in what I do.

The ship sails if you don’t catch it…,

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