The ideal man

I’ve never really been sure on this one.

I mean, for me personally I have no “type”.

One minute I like a blonde, the next a brunette and more recently after watching Outlander, give me a Scots red head any day!!!

So, yesterday I decided it was about time I pimped up one of my video bots and made him more aesthetically pleasing.

I must say he turned out pretty appealing for a pixelated person.

What do you think?





Credits :-

Head “Tony Mesh Head” (includes skin appliers for head and body)  [AK] HQ Skins and Shapes

Body “Slink Physique”  Slink

Jacket and t shirt “Touring Jacket” : Glitch :

Jeans “Lynch Bleached” Legal Insanity


When chores require you to look good

It goes without saying, no matter how tired you feel and how grumpy etc, when your virtual you comes out to play, you always look good.







Credits :-

Jumpsuit “Utility  Coveralls”     Valentina E located at UBER

Head “Gwen” CATWA

Body “Lara” Maitreya

Skin “Christina Dark”

Ironing board Dutchie

Kitchen Laq Decor

Attitude = Not one bit I give

Shot on location in  my front garden with the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin.


When I think about you

I touch myself

One of my favourite songs of all time.

I was thinking about the virtual world last night and what it means in terms of romance and feelings.

There is no doubt at all that you can’t seperate the two. You can pretend to and you can behave in a manner that appears you do. But, being human is what we are and ultimately that pretend role play love that you feel, ebbs into how you are feeling as you the human being.

I made a concious decision a long time ago that matters of the heart in the virtual world mattered. Why? Because I’m a human being and I feel. Happy to admit feelings exist. So I’ve never messed with a real life partnered person knowingly. Not my style and certainly not my moral.

I’ve struggled with people who have  real life partners and how they divide and compartmentalise their feelings. I simply don’t understand dividing love like that. In fact I see each person as deserving 100% percent and how unfair it can be for someone to have both and SL and real life partner. Someone in that three way partnership is missing out. But that’s me and my thoughts.

I would welcome someone explaining this to me and also explaining the phenomenon of alts and multiple partnerships.
Credits :-

Hair “Messy we hair” CATWA

Head “Gwen” CATWA

Body “Lara” Maitreya

Skin “Christy Dark ” Lara Hurley

Eyes “Paradise” IKON

Outfit “Wet dress” ::GB::




Salt Water

I visit this sim often of late and every time I really smile as its such a beautiful sim. Calming and one of my places to escape on my destination list.

Watch the video and you will see what I mean why I love Salt Water


Credits in the tags







When someone comes into your life and you just need to sit and contemplate a really good feeling. Pinch yourself and check you really are not dreaming…..

Just don’t wake up. 








Credits : –

Head “Gwen” CATWA

Body “Lara” Maitreya

Skin “Christy Dark” Lara Hurley

Eyes “Paradise” IKON

Hair & Hat Argrace

Top  “Wanda” Emery

Skirt “Romanoff Denim Skirt2 Emery

Boots “Nevada” *KC|Couture*

Shot on location at Salt Water

The world feels  crazy…


That’s how it feels for many of us in the UK today. Average people who just  get by and try and make a better life.

Today’s decision which people voted for, has left the United kingdom a very divided nation.

People are devastated, angry, upset, depressed and forlorn. Then there are also people happy, joyful, and hopeful. 

Only time will tell if this decision will reap what they voted for.

But in the meantime households, friendships, neighbourhoods, social media etc etc is being shaken by the news. People are arguing and I have to ask, isn’t this precisely what wars are made of? When people don’t agree and beliefs are shaken? 

Let’s hope tomorrow when we wake up, when the shock has worn off, that we look at each other and start a new day. Together!!!

Because if we don’t, the future doesn’t look bright.




Glass full

Some days I look at that bottle and wonder how many glasses it would take for that saying to apply?

I heard that saying “glass half full” used yet again by someone and I had that little chuckle in my head because it’s the “buzz term” that’s been floating about the past few years. Often used in a negative way to describe someone.

My glass is usually half full because I’ve polished the other half!!

Head is “Gwen” by CATWA

Body “Lara” by Maitreya

Jumpsuit “Belen” by Addams

Jacket “Old leather” by Addams

Hair “Edith” by MINA

Eye “paradise” by IKON

Ears “Steking” by MANDALA

Shot on location at Salt Water